197/366 – Birthday Dinner

197/366 - Birthday Dinner by aithom2
197/366 – Birthday Dinner, a photo by aithom2 on Flickr.

Yesterday was my wonderful sister’s birthday, so we went over to her house to have dinner and dessert. I know it isn’t the sharpest image, but it was one of two photographs that I took yesterday, the other just being a family shot.

340/365 – Bokeh Galore!

**Wednesday, December 15

Yesterday was the most perfect day ever. I woke up, made pancake batter and went over to surprise Elliot because it was his birthday. His parents stopped over to eat with us too. We then headed to Maker’s Mark Distillery, to continue on the tradition we started on his birthday last year at Four Roses. It was so beautiful out there, but unfortunately my camera battery died after just a few minutes of the tour. After the tour we headed to have a delicious dinner at Belle Notte, which is where this picture is from. They have a huge (fake) tree right in the middle, with these beautiful lights on it. It was wonderful. After dinner we went to Elliot’s boss’s house, where we sang happy birthday to Elliot as he blew out the candles, ate cake, played Wii with their two-year old daughter, and sat in the hot tub drinking bourbon while it snowed. It was an absolutely perfect end to a perfect day.

And here is one of the few shots I was able to get at the distillery.

335/365 – Inward Glow

**Friday, December 10

Friday was such a busy day. I was running errands all afternoon. Then Elliot’s aunt, Sheela, had her birthday party in Louisville that we went to. It was such a blast, and such a pretty little place! I was taking pictures for her all night, and I sat down towards the end and saw this glass in front of me and immediately knew it was going to be my 365.

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127/365 – Cupcake

Yesterday was insanely busy so I didn’t get a chance to post. I had aĀ grill outĀ at my house for my birthday and spent the entire day getting things ready for it. It was such a fun little gathering! These were from last night, but only one got eaten, so I now have cupcakes for the week. Elliot got me a Gorillapod for my birthday, so I played around with that for this picture.

I also used a method called focus stacking on this image. This involves taking several pictures with very slightly different focus points, and then combining them to get a larger depth of field. It allows me to keep the background out of focus but bring my entire subject into focus. Such a great little trick!

126/365 – The Big 21

Well, yesterday was my 21st birthday. I didn’t get a chance to upload because it was a pretty busy day. This was my first legal drink! Elliot (my boyfriend), Susannah (my close friend), and I went to Pazzo’s, which is sort of known for their beer and pizza, for lunch. It was just a fantastic day; so chill and relaxed, but allowed for some great time spent with a few great people.