51/366 – Frostbite

I feel like I need to apologize for posting this, ha.

I had no other ideas, and was feeling quite lazy, so naturally I took a picture of my badly frostbitten toes. I froze them a month ago or so, and they are not looking any better. But as the saying goes, “frostbite in January, amputation in July” so I will just have to wait and see.

292/365 – Bobble Head

**Thursday, October 28

Last night I took pictures of a classmate for a project of hers. I had the studio checked out until midnight, so Elliot met me there are we messed around with the lights for a bit. It was so so much fun! I had forgotten how much I missed the studio, and missed watching Elliot go crazy, haha. So many laughs and so many cool pictures. More to come most likely, but this was for sure one of my favorites. But, we didn’t get done until after 11:00 and then hadn’t had dinner yet, which took until well after midnight, so needless to say I was too tired to edit/post last night.

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271/365 – Shine Through

** Well, I am back to catching up. First, I lost my card reader for a night, which obviously prevented me from posting. Then I had purchased a new hard drive for my computer, and Elliot installed that along with some more RAM, which required reinstalling my operating system, which meant that all my programs were gone, including CS5. And Elliot and I have been pretty busy as of late (who am I kidding, we always are), and so last night was the first chance he had to reinstall CS5 for me. So I am finally able to catch up on all of my pictures (which for the first time in a while I am excited about so many days in a row!). Once again, to reduce the number of posts that I have, I will just upload the extra pictures I like right in each day.

Thursday, October 7

It ended up getting pretty late before I had time to take a picture, and Elliot and I were walking back to his apartment after getting groceries, so I decided to wander around his complex for a picture. This is the fence around the pool and the light there. Maybe not the strongest in terms of composition, but for some reason that I cannot explain, I just love this picture. And for some reason it has a lot of personal meaning to me.

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And here are the other two that were options for the night (you all will be sick of leaves by the time fall is over…sorry, fall is my favorite):



249/365 – Silly Bands

I am actually posting on time for the first time in such a long time! I am still feeling drained in terms of my 365, and stuck on what to take pictures of these days, so I was wondering around my house and saw my silly bands on my dresser. I figured I might as well since the colors are awesome. My roommate got me all these for free, I love it (I am such a child).

Also, I went to my flickr set for my 365, and noticed that there was one less picture than how I had things numbered, which usually means that I forgot to put one in the set. But this time, I skipped a number a long while back. So now I am going to go through a ton of posts and change the number on them so that it is correct. Joy.

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