109/365 – Many Mini

I just finished all my stuff that is due tomorrow. Now that I am thinking about it, I might as well have just waited until tomorrow to upload this, but it is the principle of it all, and I feel better knowing it is done (I am crazy, I am aware).

I was walking home from work today and was just kind of taking pictures as I saw things. These little were growing at the edge of the parking lot by where I work. There was one other similar one that I could not decided between for the life of me, so I picked the lowest number. I may upload the other one as well…

87/365 – Blossoming

Taken on my walk back from class this morning, while I was still half asleep.

I had a fun shoot this evening, but due to lack of certain key pieces of equipment (a remote, and small tripod, and a flash), and a storm that came out of no where, the pictures didn’t turn out quite how I wanted them too. So, I will be reshooting that as soon as I am able because I was so excited about it. You may get a teaser tonight or tomorrow of what it will be, so keep your eyes peeled.