270/366 – Empty

270/366 – Empty
This past week has been a blur, and a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I am finally going to try to get caught up, though I didn’t take a photograph every day so I will have to make up for it at some point I guess.

*Thursday, October 11
Thursday I was in Lexington waiting for my fiance to finish school so we could head up to Cincinnati for SPE. It was beautiful out so I decided to venture to the place that I used as my little sanctuary and retreat while I lived there.

This isn’t very typical me, but I was drawn to it (after editing it over the course of 3 days). I am still sort of torn on if I like it or not though.

11/52 – Untitled

I took this at the wedding the past weekend, and have been meaning to upload it for a while. I wasn’t thinking and completely forgot to bring my tripod or wireless remote, so it made this shoot pretty difficult. And I forgot to put my wider lens on, so these shots didn’t turn out as well as I had in my mind. Oh well. I am so so stuck on a title, so please, suggestions are much appreciated.