249/365 – Silly Bands

I am actually posting on time for the first time in such a long time! I am still feeling drained in terms of my 365, and stuck on what to take pictures of these days, so I was wondering around my house and saw my silly bands on my dresser. I figured I might as well since the colors are awesome. My roommate got me all these for free, I love it (I am such a child).

Also, I went to my flickr set for my 365, and noticed that there was one less picture than how I had things numbered, which usually means that I forgot to put one in the set. But this time, I skipped a number a long while back. So now I am going to go through a ton of posts and change the number on them so that it is correct. Joy.

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215/365 – Tan Lines

My friend Kate (who was in my last post with the slip ‘n slide) has one of the best watch tan lines I have ever seen. It is impressive really, and she was kind enough to let me take pictures of it. I took this while all my friends were playing volleyball last night. I can’t play because of my knee so I just sit there and take pictures. But I had done so much yesterday that I was exhausted after hanging out with everyone and just didn’t have the energy to post this last night.

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