*Tuesday, July 10
This car is parked next to my sister’s house, and I have wanted to shoot a polaroid of it for a while. Unfortunately I couldn’t get back far enough to get the whole car until later that evening, when it was too dark, so I may have to try again another day.

56/365 – Rainy Bokeh

I had big plans for my picture today, but then had such a crazy busy day. I leave to go home for on Tuesday and I have been running around trying to get everything ready for that, and also catching up with a few people before I leave. Then the storms tonight made my shot even more impossible, so I ended up with this.

223/365 – Driving

Yesterday I drove back to KY from MN, which is a 13 hour drive. Because of this, all I really had time (or energy) for was to take a picture while getting gas. So, even after sitting on the edge of your seats (as I am sure you do for my posts..) you are stuck with this.

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32/365 – Tracks

It snowed a couple of inches last night, and then rained this morning, so all the snow turned into a heavy slush. Now tonight it is freezing and becoming solid sheets of ice. On the plus side, public schools were cancelled, as was my class tonight, and so I had the day completely free. I managed to catch up on some cleaning and was able to take a picture before ten o’clock at night!

14/365 – Drive

I cannot believe it has been 2 weeks of my 365 project. Although it barely makes a dent in the overall goal, it is a mini-milestone for me.

I basically live in my car, and so I thought it very appropriate to have at least one car related picture in my 365 set. I was driving home from class when I took this (don’t worry, I was stopped at a long stop light).  Happy weekend to everyone!