91/366 – Logan

**I am trying to get caught up on things at the moment. I was in Lexington with my fiance last week, and didn’t want to worry about posting while there. And then I came back to a crazy couple of days at work. So here we go.

Friday, April 6 – Logan is the best dog ever. He is my fiance’s roommate’s dog, and is by far the most calm, chill dog I have ever been around.

353/365 – Grand Garage

Today was a perfect last day in Stillwater. Lunch with Kelley and Blair, then taking pictures downtown Stillwater with my good friend Alec, and drinking coffee and catching up with Alec and two other good friends, Hannah and Anders. It couldn’t have been a better night. And downtown Stillwater is beautiful.

Oh, and much much thanks to Alec for helping me find places to take pictures, and essentially acting as my creative director!!!

Now to go to bed so that I can get up and drive 13 hours back to Lexington.

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271/365 – Shine Through

** Well, I am back to catching up. First, I lost my card reader for a night, which obviously prevented me from posting. Then I had purchased a new hard drive for my computer, and Elliot installed that along with some more RAM, which required reinstalling my operating system, which meant that all my programs were gone, including CS5. And Elliot and I have been pretty busy as of late (who am I kidding, we always are), and so last night was the first chance he had to reinstall CS5 for me. So I am finally able to catch up on all of my pictures (which for the first time in a while I am excited about so many days in a row!). Once again, to reduce the number of posts that I have, I will just upload the extra pictures I like right in each day.

Thursday, October 7

It ended up getting pretty late before I had time to take a picture, and Elliot and I were walking back to his apartment after getting groceries, so I decided to wander around his complex for a picture. This is the fence around the pool and the light there. Maybe not the strongest in terms of composition, but for some reason that I cannot explain, I just love this picture. And for some reason it has a lot of personal meaning to me.

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And here are the other two that were options for the night (you all will be sick of leaves by the time fall is over…sorry, fall is my favorite):



238/365 – Jessica and Jake’s Wedding!

I am back! Thanks to my incredible boyfriend I have CS5 once again, which means I can finally edit the pictures that have been piling up. So, get ready for lots of blog posts over a shot period of time.

On Saturday I shot my first ever wedding! It was for a friend, which was so wonderful, and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect person to shoot my first wedding for. It was such a fun wedding; a nice simple ceremony, beautiful decorations, and such an excellent reception. And we couldn’t have had much better weather. Overall it was a great day, and for being my first wedding I am very happy with most of the pictures!

I am just putting up these two because I still have TONS of editing to do on the rest, and I would like to get those done before posting the rest. But, these are easily two of my favorites.

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I have to say, Jessica is absolutely stunning. She made it difficult to take a bad picture of her that is for sure.

They had decided to do the “early reveal” which was such a great idea. It allowed for such better pictures in my mind. And, they have this awesome barn right behind her parent’s house, which was perfect.

202/365 – We’re Still Fighting It

After a 13 hour drive I am finally back in Minnesota!!! December was the last time I was here, and it feel so good to be back, if only for 2 weeks.

So, now that I am done with class (for a few weeks at least) I am going to majorly play catch up and get all caught up on my 365, 52 week (although i may not use my self-portrait studio project for that anymore, I think it was getting to repetitive. Thoughts?), and other miscellaneous pictures. I am going to just post any “outtakes” that I like with the main shot to keep things more simple and to keep the number of posts down. Also, the majority of them (if not all) were simply taken while out shooting for my studio project.

I wasn’t quite tired enough (despite the 13 hour drive today) to go to bed when the rest of my family did, so I decided to get at least one picture posted. As soon as I opened this folder and saw this leave it reminded me of the Ben Fold’s song “We’re Still Fighting It” (which has the cutest video). Here are the chorus lyrics, because they are pretty applicable right now:

“Everybody knows
It hurts to grow up
And everybody does
It’s so weird to be back here
Let me tell you what
The years go on and
We’re still fighting it, we’re still fighting it
And you’re so much like me
I’m sorry”

And the other option since I couldn’t decide.

176/365 – Horseshoes

Goodness my life is busy lately. Time to update you all on what I have been up to and why I have been unable to post.

The morning of the fourth I took some product shots of designer sunglasses and glasses (Lilly Pulitzer) with Andrew Kung. I am not sure if those shots will be up on my blog at any point or not, but it was really a great learning experience. On the third I even got to sit in on the creative director meeting which was really nice. After taking the product shots I headed to Elizabethtown where Elliot’s parents live. They were having a big get together for the Fourth of July with all the extended family. We ate some good food and some of the men played some horseshoes. I took a ton of pictures while there, so expect more from that later on. We didn’t get back until late and I was too dead to get to editing pictures. Plus I was still behind at that point, so it would have involved editing a lot before I could to the ones I took that day.

I have to get to studying for my test tomorrow, and so further updates will have to wait. But, just one quick explanation for why I haven’t been posting this week. On Tuesday I went to put all the pictures I had taken over the weekend on my computer, only to find out that the hard drive on my laptop was completely out of space and I couldn’t fit any of the pictures. I ordered a Lacie terabyte hard drive Tuesday night. Last night I decided to delete a ton of pictures off my computer that were already backed up on my some external hard drive that I already have. By the time I got pictures organized on my computer and everything I was dead, and so I decided to wait on getting all caught up. And now tonight, I have time for posting one, but now have to study and read for a test that I haven’t even thought about until right now. So, hopefully tomorrow I can finally get all caught up.

Sorry for the insanely long explanation.

70/365 – Stand Tall

Time to play catch up from the weekend. On friday we woke up at 5 and started driving to NC for my boyfriend’s brother’s wedding (well, the rehearsal dinner on Friday). I wasn’t really expecting to be able to get any pictures this weekend (especially Friday after our 8 hour drive), but we had some time once we arrived at the barn/cabin/wedding location so I wandered around the grounds and took a few shots. I will be uploading more from Friday, as well as the rest of the weekend.

I don’t know why but I just love this picture. It really isn’t all that special, but it just stands out to me for some reason.

51/365 – Caught

I am playing catch up because of my miserable weekend, and so this is from Sunday. I completely lived in studio this weekend. I was there from 4pm Saturday until 8am Sunday, and then 1pm Sunday until 5am Monday. It was terrible. When I left on Sunday morning to go home and sleep for a little, everything was coated in a thin layer of ice. It had been sort of misting, and freezing on everything, and then some snow on top of that. Despite desperately needing sleep after being in studio all night I decided since I didn’t take a picture on Saturday that I needed to take one Sunday, and the short walk I had from studio to my car would be my only chance. I ended up with a few shots I like, so I may upload so more this weekend when I hopefully get a breather from everything.

35/365 – Catching Up

Me and a good friend finally had a chance to catch up today, and so we went to get lunch at one of the best pizza places I have ever eaten at. And according to most, also one of the best beer places in Lexington. Me being under 21 did not order any beer, but I liked his glass, and so I thought it would be a good 365 for the day.