39/52 – Caught

Not the image that I wanted for this week, but plan after plan fell through and I thought of this very last-minute (clearly). However, this one is fairly fitting with my life at the moment. My shots have been getting a lot more personal and meaningful as of late.

I sat and edited this shot in countless ways for hour and hours today. I am still not completely happy with it, but I decided I just needed to let it be.

Hopefully next week I will be able to do the image that I have had in my head for a bit.

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225/365 – Unpoppable Bubbles!

I finally found them!! I had told a couple of friends here in KY about these unpoppable bubbles I had played with a long time ago at home, and no one believed me. They must have thought I was crazy. Then, when I was at the grocery store with my mom while home in Minnesota, I found them! I showed my roommate, Whitney (who you have seen before), and we were both so entertained by them, so naturally it had to be a 365.

There are a few things I dislike about this picture, but, it was by far my favorite out of the bunch and I felt showed off the bubbles the best, so I decided to use it.

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51/365 – Caught

I am playing catch up because of my miserable weekend, and so this is from Sunday. I completely lived in studio this weekend. I was there from 4pm Saturday until 8am Sunday, and then 1pm Sunday until 5am Monday. It was terrible. When I left on Sunday morning to go home and sleep for a little, everything was coated in a thin layer of ice. It had been sort of misting, and freezing on everything, and then some snow on top of that. Despite desperately needing sleep after being in studio all night I decided since I didn’t take a picture on Saturday that I needed to take one Sunday, and the short walk I had from studio to my car would be my only chance. I ended up with a few shots I like, so I may upload so more this weekend when I hopefully get a breather from everything.