60/366 – Reading

I had such an incredibly long day at work today, most of which was spent trying to console a miserably sick 18 month old. And I am not feeling so great myself, so this was all I could bring myself to do for my picture today.

And now I’m going to go curl up and dive in to this book.

Memory + An Update

It has been a bit since I have posted here on my blog. Partly because I have been busy, and partly because I have been putting it off. I am currently taking a photography class with the goal of getting a portfolio ready for grad school. However, I have struggled so much with trying to come up with a concept that I was really happy with and that I felt could really grow into something. The frustration that resulted from that struggle brought me to have a “crisis” of sorts with my photography. That combined with my very busy schedule make me question my 365.

So, I have come to the conclusion that I will no longer continue with my 365 at this point. Honestly, I am somewhat disappointed in myself, but I feel like it is hurting more than helping at this time, and that I need to be focusing on grad school related things and work. My 365 was just draining me, and although I was getting decent images I felt like it wasn’t pushing me in the right direction. My energy and attention needs to be spent on other things right now. I will still be taking photographs (obviously), and will still be posting as often as I can, but my 365 is on hold.

On a different note, I thought I would share one image that may become part of my project for this semester. I don’t want to give many details because I am still working a lot of things out about it, but at its core this project is about memory. This image is an in-camera, digital double exposure. The only editing I did was to boost the contrast a tiny bit, otherwise it is straight out of the camera.

And lastly, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has stuck with me, and all the support that you all have given me. I hope you guys stick around and bear with me as I figure out where to go from here!

46/365 – sitting in gold.

I love days when I have no motivation, no desire to take a picture, and no ideas what so ever and then BAM! Something incredible happens. Tonight was definitely one of those nights, and at one point I even started questioning why I am doing this 365, and why I am putting myself through this once again. But, I pushed through it and started messing around, and now I am in love with my picture for the day.

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347/365 – Winter Living

My brother and his wife worked hard to shovel off a rink on our pond for us to play some hockey on in the next few days since everyone is home. I went out there a bit later, and we carried down their fire pit, got a fire going, and then did some skating around. It was so wonderful!

More to come from this day as well, I took a lot of pictures. This probably (well, I know it wasn’t) the strongest or best photograph I took, but it summed up the day so nicely, and I just love how the fire looked, and so I decided to use this one as my main shot.

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10/52 – Creeping In

I have a tendency to think too much. And about too many things (often at once). The past few days I have been doing a lot of thinking and its just overwhelming me and giving me some not so happy realizations. Like questioning if I am in the right major, and what kind of teacher I will be, and my photography skills, and if I am fulfilling my purpose. All sorts of things. But, I know that I just need to trust the One who has it all laid out for me.

1/365 – Leather

I have taken pictures the past two days in a row, which got me thinking that maybe I might as well do a 365, non-portrait project. I had thought about it briefly before, but tonight, at 11:30 I decided that I actually wanted to follow through with it and take at least one picture every single day. I want that picture to be decent, something that I will be proud of, so this is yet another thing that will consume my time. Hopefully I can keep up with it even when school starts back up. That said, here is the first of 365 random pictures!