First Ceramics Project

For our first ceramics project this semester (yes, we are finally just finishing it up despite the fact that the semester is almost over and we have done 2 other projects already) we made 4 different pieces to learn the basic building techniques.

This was built using slabs. It was my favorite piece, but the glaze didn’t turn out very well.

This was built using the coil building technique. I hated it with a passion, and hate this piece as a result. It is nothing like I had designed. And just looks terrible, but I thought I would still through it up here for people to see (I have no clue why though…).

16/365 – Working Hard

I am in a ceramics studio this semester, which is going to be interesting. I have never dealt with ceramics at all before, and so that alone is going to provide a challenge. Plus, I don’t deal much with 3D things, and so that is a challenge for me as well. There are so many other reasons that the class is going to be difficult for me, but it is late and I have an 8 am class.

I took this photo earlier in the day (I promise, I did take this on the 24th), while in studio, but am just now having time to upload. ¬†They are my friend’s hands, but we are basically the same person, so this might as well be a self portrait. We discovered tonight that when we tell the story of how we became friends it becomes similar to a story of a couple meeting, which caused a good laugh.