North Carolina

Just last post I said I was going to post more often, and already I have failed to post on a regular basis. But, I have a bit of work and news to share, so hopefully I will have quite a few posts in the next few days.

Two weeks ago, over Halloween weekend, I went camping with my boyfriend in North Carolina. We were in Pisgah National Forest, just short of an hour south of Asheville. We had planned on leaving early Friday, but of course ended up behind schedule and didn’t arrive at our campsite until dark. It was raining, windy, and cold; not ideal camping weather at all. We didn’t bring a tent with us since we had our hammocks to sleep in, and so we were both dreading what that night would be like. Even though it was getting late, we had to make dinner, so we quickly hung up a tarp between some trees and set the Jet Boil on the ground to get some water going to cook our dinner. While sitting in the car eating our dinner we decided it would be best to just sleep in the car that night, since it was so late and still raining. I slept only a couple of hours that night; it was one of the longest nights I have ever experienced. I remember laying there awake, thinking that it was never going to get light out, ha. When we woke up the car was all fogged up, but the light coming in was amazing. My lens was also fogging up so it made pictures difficult.

I didn’t shoot hardly any digital on our trip, and most of what I did shoot was double exposures for my current series. So unfortunately I don’t have a ton to share as of yet, but there will be more to come once I get the film developed. For now, here are some digital double exposures.

That night we drove to one of the many waterfalls in the area to get some long exposures. It was so dark in the forest that it was a little bit difficult to get a good image without having an exceptionally long exposure. This was around a 5 minute exposure, with light painting (with a flashlight) for over a minute.

We ended up sleeping in the hammock that night, and managed to stay surprisingly warm. I had on a crazy number of layers, and ended up getting hot in the night and needing to take a few off. Though they are not interesting images in and of themselves, here was our camp and our hammock situation.

43/52 – Drift

I am feeling quite miserable at the moment, and didn’t go to school because of it. No voice, plus coughing fits, plus congestion equals bad teaching. Anyways, I was listening to the rain this morning and an image for a self-portrait popped into my head. So, I did what any sick person would do, I went outside to take pictures of myself twirling around in the cold/rain.

This is quite possibly the earliest I have ever gotten my 52 week picture done too.

37/52 – Lost

Well I am back to tackling my 52 week project. It was put on hold while I focused on my 365, but I am now going to get back to a one a week track. I have decided my new week starts on Mondays, because I will only be doing my pictures on the weekends due to student teaching. I have also decided to keep explanations to a minimum from now on, if there is any explanation at all. If you are curious about a picture feel free to ask, and I will respond, but in general I will be keeping my posts short and simple from here on out.

So, here we go again, week 37, “Lost”

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36/52 – Pulled

I debated for so long if I should upload this. I don’t like it all that much, and it is not at all what I had in my head, but I decided that I want to start getting through this 52 week project, and that it is alright for me to not be in love with every picture I take; just like my 365. So, here is “week” 36.

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347/365 – Winter Living

My brother and his wife worked hard to shovel off a rink on our pond for us to play some hockey on in the next few days since everyone is home. I went out there a bit later, and we carried down their fire pit, got a fire going, and then did some skating around. It was so wonderful!

More to come from this day as well, I took a lot of pictures. This probably (well, I know it wasn’t) the strongest or best photograph I took, but it summed up the day so nicely, and I just love how the fire looked, and so I decided to use this one as my main shot.

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345/365 – Frost Queen

Meet the wonderful Kathryn! When I lived in Minnesota Kathryn was always my model, and we did quite a lot with her. It had been a long long time since we had been able to do a shoot together, and so I knew I wanted to do something over break. I got home yesterday, and she heads out tomorrow, so today was our only chance to see each other. I had in idea in mind for what I wanted to do, unfortunately we ended up chatting for so long we lost all natural light. Luckily she has a pretty bright light on her back porch, so we used that for our shoot. I did her makeup (which is why it isn’t all that great, haha), and she was brave enough to be willing to stand outside in the snow in just a tank top. I may upload a few more later on, but for now, enjoy!

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{I forgot to add my logo, and then decided to change some of the tones, so I have re-uploaded the photograph}

338/365 – Snowy Nights

**Monday, December 13

We got more snow Sunday night and yesterday, and I am just in heaven (though I wish I could have been back in MN to get the 20 inches they did). I had left my camera at Elliot’s apartment yesterday, and so I knew my picture would have to be taken at night, and I immediately thought of the row of lights on a street near his apartment. So around midnight we bundled up and went on a little walk to the spot in mind and I took some pictures. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay out long because I had my art history paper to write, but I really love the few pictures I got.

35/52 – Tangled Cold

I took this self-portrait while I was home in MN for thanksgiving break, and just now got around to editing it. My original idea failed, partly because I was losing daylight fast, and because I completely forgot to take a picture that would have been necessary for the idea. So, next time I am home (in just about a week!!) I will try again.

22/365 – Mountain

It snowed a decent amount last night, and as I always do when it snows here, I walked around my house looking for interesting things. This is the snow that had piled up onto my table on top of the candle that sits there. I didn’t notice the falling snow until I looked on my computer, always an exciting little treat!