40/365 – Endless

I am trying to improve my landscape photography skills, they are still a bit rough.

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31/365 – message in a bottle

Wow today has been a busy day for my blog and Flickr! The busiest ever in fact. I got Freshly Pressed here on WordPress, and had my most recent photograph make Explore on Flickr as well. Thank you everyone for the views and comments, and welcome to my new subscribers! I so appreciate all the feedback and support!

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Outtakes Round Six

It has been a while since I posted any outtakes from my first 365, so I thought I would get on that so I can finish them off. This is the last of them (for my first 365 at least…).

Day 239 – 9/5/10

Day 240 – 9/6/2010

Day 243 – 9/9/2010

Day 258 – 9/24/2010

Day 263 – 9/29/2010

Day 302 – 11/7/2010

Day 319 – 11/24/2010

Day 339 – 12/14/2010

Day 359 – 1/3/2011

Week 52 “Outtakes”

I liked so many from this shoot that I just have to share them. I still can’t really believe that my 52 week project is over, but luckily with my parents in town to celebrate my birthday and graduation I don’t have much time to think about much else. Next week however, I will most likely have to start something back up, so be on the lookout!

My Recent Obsessions

For some reason I have been on a huge baking/cooking kick lately. Usually I just slap something together for meals, like a typical college student. But, for the past few weeks I have been cooking myself real, delicious meals. And I have been experimenting with my own recipes too. It has been an adventure, and I think it is turning into some sort of therapy for me.

This was a pizza I made for dinner the other night, and goodness it was delicious. One of the best pizzas I have had, if I may be so vain.

Last week I found a recipe online for cupcakes for two. I thought it would be perfect for me and my new obsession with baking. I tried them out tonight, and they were wonderful! It was the first time I had made cupcakes from scratch, and I played with the recipe a little to make them funfetti cupcakes instead of plain vanilla. The frosting is also made from scratch, but that is a given with me.

Besides my baking and cooking spree, I have had a little obsession with plants and growing things. Grass seed is what I had available, so I have 3 different containers growing grass at the moment. The tins, which have been up on my blog recently, and this glass, and a big pot of it. I have just been craving color in my life recently I guess.

More 365 “Outtakes”

As always, prints are available upon request.

Day 69 – 3/18/2010

Day 70 – 3/19/2010

Day 71 – 3/20/2010

Day 76 – 3/25/2010

Day 83 – 4/1/2010

Day 84 – 4/2/2010

Day 84 – 4/3/2010

Day 87 – 4/5/2010

Day 88 – 4/6/2010

Day 89 – 4/7/2010

Day 91 – 4/9/2010

Day 99 – 4/17/2010

Day 101 – 4/19/2010

346/365 – Snowman

My mom got this little snowman from one of her preschoolers a couple years ago. The light changes colors, and it is kind of a pretty little thing at night. I was feeling pretty lazy today, and so this was all I really felt like doing.

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