86/366 – Biker

My boyfriend is finally here visiting. After being apart for 4 months (and the last time I saw him I was dealing with dry sockets) it is so incredibly wonderful to be together again.
My 366 may be a bit lame this week since I will be spending it with him, so apologies in advance.

71/365 – Tiger Lily

*Monday, August 8 – Stillwater, Minnesota

Monday was completely dedicated to editing pictures and getting caught up (which I am now!). That is pretty much all I did starting at 10:00 am or so. By the time evening rolled around I didn’t much feel like taking a picture, so I just wandered around my mom’s absolutely incredible garden.

The picture at hand is of a tiger lily that was just about done blooming. Tiger Lilies are some of my favorite flowers ever. They are so stunning and dramatic, so of course I had to use it as my 365. I used a technique called “freelensing” for this, which means I detach my lens from my camera and move it at different angles (while holding it close to the camera body still) to get some interesting things going on with the plane of focus.

251/365 – Horses

Last night was my first ever show. I had been accepted into a juried show, the Kentucky Showcase, and the reception was last night during Gallery Hop. Gallery Hop is a pretty cool thing. I can’t remember exactly how often it is, but a couple of times a year, on Friday night, all of the galleries in town open their doors and put out food and drink. People can just walk around downtown from gallery to gallery seeing all sorts of art (from beautiful and serene, to strange and creepy).

Lexington is hosting the World Equestrian Games in a week or so, and in honor of that they had a bunch of artists and schools and such decorate these fiber glass horses. They are all over the place in Lexington. Some are awesome, and some are just weird. I would like to go walk around and try to see them all sometime, although that may take a while.

210/365 – Volleyball

**Still catching up, but I am almost done I promise.

Saturday, August 7. I got to see a couple of my high school friends! I hadn’t seen them in 8 months, and so it was wonderful. For the past couple of summers we have played volleyball on a weekly basis, and this summer since I stayed in Kentucky I have missed out. Luckily we had just enough people to play so that I could get a couple of games in before surgery on Monday.

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46/365 – Watercolors

I pulled out the water colors to use on the handmade “idea book” that I have to do for my Art in Elementary Schools class. It is really a nice break from the oil paint that I am using in studio, so much easier and more simple. I really need to get a white cloth or poster or something to cover the table I usually shoot on. I laid down 4 sheets of card stock for this shot, but it is just a pain and really limits me. I do have a few more that I think I may like, so I may post those at some point in the near future.