80/365 – Wash Over

Tonight was an interesting night. I had been craving a self-portrait, and so I texted my friend Danielle asking for help. Then, something terrible happened. Some of you may remember my Jumper sculpture from last summer. While I was moving chairs out of the kitchen so I could do some cleaning, I bumped a chair leg very lightly on the sculpture. Then, the metal pole broke off at the base, and my sculpture fell to the floor. I just stood and stared at it for a while, and didn’t look at the damage for quite a few minutes. It put me in quite a bad mood and for a while I thought about backing out on the self-portrait idea (that had already involved throwing water at me). But, I decided to just go on with it, and wow was it a hilarious shoot. Danielle nearly knocked me over with a couple throws, and made my contact literally pop off my eye in another.

Moral of the story, self-portraits are extremely therapeutic (at least for me). It was exactly what I needed after the disaster. This is just one of the reasons I do self-portraits on a regular basis.

76/365 – Color

I wanted to spread the Analogue Sunrise love while I was home in Stillwater, so this morning while walking around downtown I stuck a sticker on a fence by the river quick and got a few pictures.

This was a pretty quick, sloppy edit because it is late and I need to get some sleep for my 13 hour drive back to Kentucky in the morning.

50/365 – Refreshing Colors

When trying to decide what to take a picture of each day I generally look back at the things I have done recently so that I can keep things varied and keep pushing myself in all directions. I know I just did a flower photograph the other day, but I decided that there wasn’t enough bright colors in my work lately, so I wanted to change that.

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26/365 – Abstract

Today was another long day for me. And it involved saying goodbye to a friend that I have been great friends with since freshman year of college, which is never an easy thing.

But, despite the busy day, I managed to sneak in a shot. Any guesses as to what it is? Perhaps if there is interest and someone gets it right they will win a print of mine?

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46/52 – Smoke and Mirrors

This weekend I went on a mini spring break trip to Gatlinburg, TN with a group of some great friends. I had wanted smoke bombs for pictures for a long time, and since I was in TN I just had to buy some. This is not anywhere near my original idea, but I kind of love how it turned out.

Big, big thanks to all the helpers I had for this picture! I couldn’t have done it without you guys!

365 Outtakes Round 1

I have been going through my 365 pictures to delete bad ones and find good ones that I never posted. It has been a difficult process for certain reasons, but, I am determined to get through it despite everything. I will be posting the pictures over multiple posts (I have only gone through the pictures for the first couple of months so far after all), so enjoy the ride! Oh, and I apologize if some have already been on here before, I can’t remember which pictures I posted to my blog and which ones I didn’t. I am going to try to check but I may have some overlap.

Day 7 – 1/15/10

Day 14 – 1/22/2010

Day 17 – 1/25/2010

Day 20 – 1/28/2010

Day 34 – 2/11/2010

Day 36 – 2/13/2010

Day 51 – 2/28/2010

Day 52 – 3/1/2010

Day 68 – 3/17/2010

39/52 – Caught

Not the image that I wanted for this week, but plan after plan fell through and I thought of this very last-minute (clearly). However, this one is fairly fitting with my life at the moment. My shots have been getting a lot more personal and meaningful as of late.

I sat and edited this shot in countless ways for hour and hours today. I am still not completely happy with it, but I decided I just needed to let it be.

Hopefully next week I will be able to do the image that I have had in my head for a bit.

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338/365 – Snowy Nights

**Monday, December 13

We got more snow Sunday night and yesterday, and I am just in heaven (though I wish I could have been back in MN to get the 20 inches they did). I had left my camera at Elliot’s apartment yesterday, and so I knew my picture would have to be taken at night, and I immediately thought of the row of lights on a street near his apartment. So around midnight we bundled up and went on a little walk to the spot in mind and I took some pictures. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay out long because I had my art history paper to write, but I really love the few pictures I got.