200/365 – Reading

Still behind, of course.

I am taking the History of Jazz right now, and we had to choose something related to jazz to research, do a presentation, and write a paper on. I chose to research Nina Simone and have been reading a 400 page book about her life for the past few days (I started reading it Monday I believe, and was skimming like crazy to finish it). Wednesday night I was up super later reading, trying to finish so I could put together my Powerpoint, and I realized I hadn’t taken a picture yet. So I dropped my book on the floor of Elliot’s apartment (where I was reading) and took a few pictures.

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174/365 – Reynolds Building

Still playing catch up. I’m going to go ahead and post 3 pictures from Thursday, because I like them all and I don’t want to overload everyone with so many posts.

This is Thursday’s (7-1) picture. I was walking home from work snapping some pictures on the way home. This is my studio building (the Reynolds Building). I really have been pushing and playing with depth of field lately, and I love it.

This is also from my walk back from work, and also part of the Reynolds Building.

After work on Thursday I went to hang out with Manuel. We went out driving trying to find a spot he knew about that would be cool for pictures. After driving for an hour and a half we hadn’t found it, and the sun was starting to set. But I did manage to get this picture while we were trying to figure out which way to go. It isn’t the sharpest but I still like it.

173/365 – Homework.

Goodness I am behind on pictures. I have taken pictures every day, but have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to post them.

This was from Wednesday (6-30). I was running errands all day, and then played soccer for almost 4 hours. We got done playing around 9:00pm, and after I was dead. I was at Elliot’s house, and collapsed on his bed with no energy, but hadn’t taken a picture yet. He was sitting at his desk doing homework, and so I just laid there and took pictures for a few minutes. I’m not the biggest fan of this, but I don’t hate it, so there’s that.