moments of light

Today has been a perfectly gloomy, cool day. I long for days like today, like most long for the sun and warmth. However, I am clearly addicted to light and shadows, as you all can tell from one of my current series. It is days like today that make me love the little moments of light even more though. And as winter slowly creeps up on us, and the light becomes a different kind of beautiful, I find myself being even more attentive to these moments.

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White Still Life

Besides the glass images, I also shot a round of white objects. The end result for these will be similar to my Remembering The Everyday series, but for now I want to share just the single images because they are interesting me as well.

6491web 6502web

The composites are finished, but I need to live with them a little longer before I decide to share them. I may however share more of the glass still life scenes in the mean time. And, as a bonus for this post, here are two images I took with my phone while wrapping things up and playing with the light.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g2 preset


Happy Tuesday everyone!

357/366 – Anonymous

This afternoon I spontaneously decided to go shoot since it was so warm out. I had no ideas really, I just knew roughly where I was going. I wasn’t even planning on shooting a self-portrait, and then this happened.  It took more than a few hours to edit (by far the most I have spent editing in ages) and is around 6 images combined.

It also sparked an idea for a new series that I am pretty excited about. Hopefully I will be able to get shooting for that soonish.



353/366 – Tangled Confusion




352/366 – Cilantro

Trying to edit with a headache so bad that everything is blurry and seems to be moving is quite interesting. So I apologize if this is not actually in focus; I can’t tell right now.



350/366 – Steam

After being in such a stunning place for the past few days, I was struggling with motivation for today’s 366 now that I am back in Kansas. I got this in my head and decided to go with it, and it ended up turning out much, much better than I had hoped.

And I am all caught up now, which I was not expecting to happen today!



334/366 – Christmas

I couldn’t decide between these two, and then ended up liking how the colors/compositions worked when together. So today you get two for one. Merry Christmas!