187/366 – Hot Air

*Wednesday, July 11
Yesterday I worked a long day, and it was Chris’s last day. Needless to say I was not wanting to take a picture, and had no clue what to shoot. Until this hot air balloon almost took off our chimney. My polaroid was the closest camera to me, so I grabbed it and managed to get this one shot before it was down the street.


*Tuesday, July 10
This car is parked next to my sister’s house, and I have wanted to shoot a polaroid of it for a while. Unfortunately I couldn’t get back far enough to get the whole car until later that evening, when it was too dark, so I may have to try again another day.

183/366 – Leo’s

*Saturday, July 7
Saturday we had yet another dream day. We biked to downtown Stillwater, walked around for a while, then ate lunch at my favorite place in Stillwater. Well, he ate lunch, I had a chocolate raspberry malt.
Also, Saturday marked the half-way point in this project. Crazy.