283/366 – The Visitor

I wasn’t free from everything until fairly late, and so was stuck with shooting in the dark as a result. I originally just wanted to see how my holga lens reacted to long exposures, but decided to switch over to my standard 50mm for some as well. I just started messing around with flashlights, and of course my cat got curious and had to get involved.

248/365 – Beaversaurus

**All caught up! Except for today’s, which won’t come until tonight after critique.

This is Elliot’s. It creeps me out. I can’t remember the story behind it exactly, but basically at the place he used to work at they would always find random things. A couple of summers ago they found the dinosaur, and had some fun with explosives with him. They then find the beaver, and decided to attach the head to the dinosaur. It is now at his apartment, and Elliot used to love putting the thing in random places in his apartment so that when I would come over I would always find it in a new spot and be creeped out. Luckily he has stopped that. But last night I was searching for something else to take a picture of and this popped into my head.

247/365 – In the shadows

**Still catching up..

I completely forgot to take a picture on Monday. I was rushing around all day getting my print ready for the show because I had to bring it by the gallery that afternoon, and then class and tons of homework. I was reading for my art history class and fell asleep while ready, and then obviously taking a picture was not even close to being on my mind. So, last night I took two.

I made this “body” this summer for my studio that I took. We had to create a piece, using body parts cast with plaster, that showed emotion. I took pictures, which I have been meaning to get on here for ever, but basically it was this “person” with a bunch of chairs surrounding her. Whitney (my roommate) was kind enough to be my model, and let me cover her in plaster gauze to get this. It now sits at Elliot’s apartment on a chair, and it is insanely creepy to walk in at night when the lights are off and see this sitting there.

Anyways, last night I was laying on Elliot’s floor, completely stuck on what to take pictures of. I am in a bit of a creative drought lately, it is very frustrating. I kept looking at Whitney’s body (as we call it), and knew I wanted to do something involving light painting, but didn’t know what exactly to do. First I just had Elliot lighting it, then I thought I would jump in and do something too. I am not in love with it, but it was a bit of an experiment so it is ok.

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