64/365 – Growing

I know you have seen these before, but I planted grass seed in them and it started to grow so I figured it was ok to photograph them again. I am not completely loving this shot, but it is dark and threatening rain outside so I don’t want to go venture for another (at least as of right now). And I couldn’t decide on a crop, so I have included the full picture; feedback is greatly appreciated.

50/365 – Post

I have been slaving away in studio all day (and will be going back in a bit, for the rest of the night) and didn’t have a chance or will power to take a picture so this is from a few days ago. I am just beyond exhausted and not even near half way done on my projects, so tomorrow will probably be an old shot too. It makes me sad, I really wanted my 50th shot to be a really good one. But, my first cheat of the project, so that is pretty good right?

17/365 – Strange Weather

This picture is from yesterday (1-25), but I didn’t have my computer or internet access all day, so today is my first chance to post this. The weather was just absurd yesterday. It was 60 degrees on sunday, then it dropped to below freezing yesterday with some strong wind. It was sunny in the morning, then clouded up and there were some flurries. Then it got partly sunny again, but soon started just pouring rain. The rain stopped for a bit, and then it started hailing/snowing like crazy. Then it was sunny again, and not 10 minutes later, it was snowing/icing extremely heavily. I was driving home from class at this point and seeing was difficult at times. Then it turned to big, soft, puffy clumps of snow, and got sunny again for a little. Finally, it clouded back up and flurried off and on for the rest of the night. It was interesting to say the least. So, when I got home from class it was still the ice/snow mix, and I ran inside to grab my camera and take some pictures. I will post a few potentially within the next few days. But for now, here is day 17.

16/365 – Working Hard

I am in a ceramics studio this semester, which is going to be interesting. I have never dealt with ceramics at all before, and so that alone is going to provide a challenge. Plus, I don’t deal much with 3D things, and so that is a challenge for me as well. There are so many other reasons that the class is going to be difficult for me, but it is late and I have an 8 am class.

I took this photo earlier in the day (I promise, I did take this on the 24th), while in studio, but am just now having time to upload.  They are my friend’s hands, but we are basically the same person, so this might as well be a self portrait. We discovered tonight that when we tell the story of how we became friends it becomes similar to a story of a couple meeting, which caused a good laugh.

12/365 – Drops

My titles have really been lacking in creativity lately, I apologize. Hopefully the pictures are better than the titles. It rained all day today, and I wasn’t really in a picture taking mood at all, for various reasons, so after I got back from my first class this morning I put down my umbrella and snapped a few pictures, and this is what I ended up with.

10/365 – Oranges

For todays picture I was really trying to think in terms of colors. I had bought some oranges a bit ago that really needed eating. My color theory knowledge kicked in and I remembered that my boyfriend has some dark blue plates. I decided it could make for an interesting shot. Luckily it was just the right time of day and the sun was coming through the window in his kitchen, and so I peeled some oranges, and set up a mini studio (a terrible one though) in the kitchen. It was a frustrating shoot, my camera was not cooperating, and the “studio” was seriously lacking. But, I managed to get this one that I liked.