8/365 – Simplicities

I really enjoy finding everyday things and making them look beautiful or interesting. It has been the one thing that keeps me going on this project so far. This morning I walked out of my bedroom, and sitting on my kitchen counter was my muffin tin. The light was hitting it just perfectly, and it made it look so wonderful. And so, I almost literally ran into my bedroom and grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures. I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far!

7/365 – Basking

It was just beautiful out today, and when I got out of class I couldn’t resist going outside to take pictures. So I hopped into my car and drove to a place just outside lexington, called Raven Run Nature Sanctuary. I hiked around for a couple hours, and took a ton of pictures, more will be up later, I only have time for one at the moment. Consider it a teaser of sorts. Happy Friday all!

1/365 – Leather

I have taken pictures the past two days in a row, which got me thinking that maybe I might as well do a 365, non-portrait project. I had thought about it briefly before, but tonight, at 11:30 I decided that I actually wanted to follow through with it and take at least one picture every single day. I want that picture to be decent, something that I will be proud of, so this is yet another thing that will consume my time. Hopefully I can keep up with it even when school starts back up. That said, here is the first of 365 random pictures!