161/365 – Downs After Dark

I shot for Churchill again last night at Downs After Dark. Downs After Dark for those of you who don’t know is a pretty awesome event (or, rather, four events). for four Fridays during the summer Churchill Downs hosts night racing. Each night has a different theme, and they decorate it for the theme and people get all dressed up in “costumes”. It is basically a big party there with a DJ, crazy lights and some serious dancing going on.  I was able to be down on the track a little more this time so I tried to shoot a bunch there. Unfortunately I only had my 50mm lens and my camera is terrible in low light shots so they don’t look all that great, but I am pretty happy with some. I may post more with in the next few days.

This picture was taken for Churchill Downs and is not to be used in any way. Thanks!

154/365 – Bar

On Friday I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to assist a photographer (Andrew Kung) from the Lexington/Louisville area. We took pictures for Churchill Downs on their opening night of Downs After Dark. Downs After Dark happens on four Fridays during the summer. They have a theme every night (this Friday was Disco night) and people dress up and come to dance and party. They just had an extremely nice (and expensive) light system installed, so that they can do night racing, which is pretty cool.

It was a crazy experience. I learned lots and am so was able to help him out.

This picture was taken by me but belongs to Churchill Downs and is not to be used in any way. Thanks and enjoy!