Winter in Minne-snow-ta

Well, I took lots of pictures when I was home. And I liked a lot of them. And I am sitting on my couch with the windows open because it is 61 degrees out, and so I thought what better time to post pictures? So here you go, enjoy a quick view into my stay in the frozen tundra for break.

Similar, but I liked the slightly different composition.

Happy New Years Eve!!

353/365 – Grand Garage

Today was a perfect last day in Stillwater. Lunch with Kelley and Blair, then taking pictures downtown Stillwater with my good friend Alec, and drinking coffee and catching up with Alec and two other good friends, Hannah and Anders. It couldn’t have been a better night. And downtown Stillwater is beautiful.

Oh, and much much thanks to Alec for helping me find places to take pictures, and essentially acting as my creative director!!!

Now to go to bed so that I can get up and drive 13 hours back to Lexington.

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