31/365 – message in a bottle

Wow today has been a busy day for my blog and Flickr! The busiest ever in fact. I got Freshly Pressed here on WordPress, and had my most recent photograph make Explore on Flickr as well. Thank you everyone for the views and comments, and welcome to my new subscribers! I so appreciate all the feedback and support!

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33/52 – Warmth

I took this while at home in MN, and out of 40 or so pictures, this is the only one that turned out pretty much. My camera was struggling with the whole autofocus thing, and my remote didn’t want to work all that well either. But, all that said, I really like this picture, I am so glad I had this one turn out. The jar is the same one that was used for my 365 (on day 221).

I thought and thought and thought on what I could title this, which is partly why I didn’t get it posted right away. This is pretty much all that I came up with that I didn’t hate.

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19/52 – Stuck

Well the title is mostly because I was stuck on a title, but it also kind of fits the picture I think.

This is a picture that is for my independent studio project. It will be a series of self portraits. They are technically a progression so I guess this shouldn’t be posted until the end, but oh well. I really liked a few from this shoot so I will post a few more. I just wish the strobe would have worked the entire time.

18/52 – It hasn’t felt like this before

Another from my evening with Manuel. Is it cheating if I use more than one from this shoot as a 52 week?

The title is from one of my favorite songs, “The Fear You Wont Fall” by Joshua Radin.

11/52 – Untitled

I took this at the wedding the past weekend, and have been meaning to upload it for a while. I wasn’t thinking and completely forgot to bring my tripod or wireless remote, so it made this shoot pretty difficult. And I forgot to put my wider lens on, so these shots didn’t turn out as well as I had in my mind. Oh well. I am so so stuck on a title, so please, suggestions are much appreciated.