12/365 – Sunny Storms

It started raining this evening, and I got excited because I would finally have a chance to use my rain cover that I bought a bit ago. I got some pictures, and headed inside, only to look outside and find that the sun was shinning. I ran back outside, because how often do you get a chance to take pictures of rain while it is sunny out? It was just sprinkling when I got out there and I was shooting away, when all of a sudden a downpour began. It was as if someone dumped a bucket of water on me. Within seconds I was completely soaked. I left a puddle in the entry way, and squeezed a ton of water out of my shirt and shorts. I got quite a few pictures I like, so expect more soon!

290/365 – driving through the rain

Real creative title, I know.

We had some crazy weather today. It was warm right away in the morning, and super super windy. Then all of a sudden we were in tornado watches and warnings. Every radio station was being interrupted every few minutes for the emergency broadcast or whatever. It poured, that is for sure, and the wind kept right up the entire time, but nothing as bad as I was hoping for (I love storms so so much!). It was a bit of a let down really, haha. But, we did get lots of rain which we desperately needed. And I did get this picture, which I like. And I did get a video that I kind of like and may upload tomorrow.

Oh, and to ease the worry of anyone out there (aka my parents), Elliot was driving his truck when I took this.

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289/365 – Fall Rain

Yes I am aware that almost all of my titles lately have “fall” in them, but hey, it is fall and I love fall.

It finally rained today, which we needed desperately. So of course after teaching I went outside with my camera and took some reverse lens shots of the drops on the leaves.

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191/365 – Explosion!

Tonight around 7:30pm the sky turned black. It looked like night outside, except I could see the edge of the cloud, where it was lighter, just past my house. It then got darker, and stayed dark for a while, with lots of thunder. Finally is started raining, and I mean really raining. It was basically coming sideways. But me being who I am NEEDED to go outside in it, so I threw on my rain jacket, wrapped my camera in plastic wrap, and ventured outside. I was literally dripping wet after only 3 minutes outside. I went back inside, thinking I had a shot, took off my coat, squeezed quite a bit of water out of my shorts, and looked through my pictures only to realize I didn’t get one that I liked. So, I put my coat back on, wrapped my camera back up, and headed out into the monsoon again. I was outside for around 6 minutes this time, and when I went in I was soaked all the way to my underwear. It was crazy. There was a pool of water where I had come in and out and hung my jacket (and I mean a serious pool).

So I took around 300 pictures of the same thing (on burst mode), trying to get some rain drops, but pretty much failed in all of them. Plus I was shooting at ISO 1000 at f2.5 and 125 and they were still too dark (at 8:00pm if you can imagine that).

This is the only one that I remotely liked. I did like a couple of the pre-storm cloud pictures, and I may upload those at some point as well.

Sorry for the long stories for the past couple days! I hope they are at least somewhat entertaining!

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164/365 – Storm

I was too tired last night to get this one posted as well, but here it is.

It stormed pretty bad yesterday afternoon. My parents and I were out driving around campus and the wind picked up a ton and then it started pouring. We sat in the car in the driveway for a while because we didn’t want to get soaking wet while running to the house. A tree had blown down into the street right in front of my house, and so I decided I needed to get some pictures. I ran inside, grabbed my camera and wrapped it in plastic wrap, and then ran back outside. I had a really tough time deciding on a picture, I liked a lot. And I had a difficult time deciding on an edit, but I do like what I ended up with.

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