Front page of Redbubble!

I had started posting my work to Redbubble in hopes of selling some stuff a while ago, and nothing really came of it. I have been feeling kind of down about my photography in general lately, and yesterday before leaving for Louisville I went to check my email and saw that I was featured on the front page of Redbubble (I am the bottom left one)! I was (and am) so excited! So, although I have not been on explore/front page here on flickr, I have been featured on the front page of both WordPress and Redbubble, which makes me very happy.

I was so excited that I thought I would share the screen shot, haha. The picture is this one, from day 143.

229/365 – Water Balloons

I had been wanting to try this for such a long time, and yesterday I finally had a chance! I was inspired by the Christian Student Fellowship’s mission of bringing back the record of the world’s largest water balloon fight. This will be the third year they have held this event, and each year has been bigger. We held the record from last year’s fight, but a college this summer beat it. CSF had already been planning on having the water balloon fight again this year, but now there is the new goal of bringing back the record. It goes down tonight, at 11:55, so we will see what happens.

My lovely roommate Whitney helped me out with this adventure. We looked like little kids sitting in the front yard filling up water balloons, each with a wrist of silly bands on. We rigged up a little stand to hold the water balloons (which involved an old tripod, a stick, duct tape, rubber bands, and a chip clip. Whitney then used Elliot’s BB gun that he has left at my house to shoot the balloons. We had such a blast doing this, and have thought up some other ideas for a little series of balloons!

I am pretty pleased with the results, except for the high ISO I had to use. I think next time I either brave the intense sun or use a flash.

One final note: I liked most of the ones we did, and so I am just going to post them here instead of spamming with another post. The first one is the one that I have selected as my main 365 though.

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And here are the rest.

This one was one of the first ones that I took, and I still didn’t have my shutter speed high enough which is why it is slightly blurred. But I still liked it so I am including it.

197/365 – Quality

Tonight my church (Southland Christian Church) had an incredibly great service.  I am so excited about what this church is doing and where we are headed. It is so evident that my church, and more importantly the people of the church, are absolutely passionate about Christ, and doing what He has called us to do. The leaders of the church are absolutely dedicated to doing one of the most important things Christ asks of us, to love. It is so exciting, and so refreshing to see people once again focused on the most important part of Christianity.

After the service I drove to my new favorite spot in Lexington. I think this place is going to be a regular place for me to visit and reflect. I need to start bringing a notebook and sketchbook for some quiet time with God, I am so excited about what  he is doing in my life right now.

Anyways, this was a sign near where I ended up sitting for a while, and I just thought it was mildly ironic that it said quality.

(If interested in checking out Southland and the message from tonight, head to their website where you will soon be able to listen to the message, titled 5)