203/365 – External Hard Drive

**Still catching up…

This was from Saturday, 7-31, which was such a long day. Elliot had to have his apartment completely cleaned and emptied by noon on that Saturday, so he woke me up at 7:30am to help out. Then of course I had to take pictures for my studio project and work on editing things. By the time Elliot got off work (around 10:00pm) I realized I still didn’t have a picture, but was too exhausted and lazy to do anything too exciting. I turned to look around me and my hard drive was sitting on the table next to me, and so I just took a few pictures while sitting there.

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103/365 – Mixed Media

So, I have to confess. This is from yesterday. I am physically, mentally, and emotionally drained right now and was stretching myself to even upload a picture today let alone take one. Plus I was working on this project every spare second I had since crit was tonight. SOOC except for a conversion from raw.