40/365 – Endless

I am trying to improve my landscape photography skills, they are still a bit rough.

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207/365 – Angry Cow

**Still catching up…

Wednesday, August 4. I was shooting some self portraits on a road, and there were 3 cows in a little fenced in area right next to it. While I was shooting they walked to the closest corner and just stood there watching. So naturally I decided to take some pictures, but they were pretty timid (not as bad as the last cow picture I posted, but still pretty bad) and backed off. However, eventually they walked a bit closer and I was able to get some better pictures. This one that I have used for the main picture looked so incredibly angry. He was always in a stance that looked like he was ready to hurt me, and even looked like he was furrowing his brow.

And another shot of the angry cow:

Then this cow looked so much nicer, and wasn’t nearly as scared as the other two:

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189/365 – Moo.

Yesterday I took pictures at the “Hangar Bash” for Sophisticated Living Magazine, and since I was already out towards the country I figured I would just go for a little drive to try to find something interesting to take pictures of. I turned down this one road that was basically a roller coaster (there was even a sign warning of the hills), and saw a group of cows right along the fence. I pulled over to take some pictures, but goodness these cows were skittish. When I shut my car door a bunch basically jumped backwards. Then when I held up my camera two calves ran a little bit away. It was the strangest thing. My uncle has dairy cows, and I could always walk right up to them and they wouldn’t even blink. But these started to run away as soon as I looked at them! Luckily I had my kit lens on (18-105mm) so I was able to get some shots through the fence without getting close and scaring them off too far.

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22/52 – Letting go of the world

This was from a week or so ago, and was taken after talking to my professor at some length about my project. We decided I just needed to get out and shoot like crazy without worrying about lighting or poses or anything, just shoot. I also kind of decided I wanted to try to stick to entirely perspective/leading shots, but we will see if that sticks.

And the bear. I am going to include one of each from now on, in the same post to keep things simple.

165/365 – Barbed

I went to take pictures for my independent studio project this evening. Mitch (from a 365 a while ago) and I went out driving in search of a location, and had quite the little adventure. I love that these adventures; finding cool new spots is always great, but the journey to find them is almost more fun.

We were out by a bunch of farms, and most of them have barbed wire fences, and I have always wanted a good picture of one, so I decided to make it my 365 for the day.