307/365 – Crowned

I am aware that this is not original, and that I have done something very similar before. But, I was really craving some high-speed stuff, and I had been wanting to try for a bigger splash than I have been able to get before, so I figured I would give it a shot. I was losing daylight fast, and I needed a faster shutter speed, but didn’t want to lose depth of field, and didn’t want to way under expose them, and my ISO was already very high, so this is what I ended up with. Which, I wish I could have had a larger depth of field as well, but, oh well.

Oh, and the title is because one of the pictures looked like a crown, and that title was stuck in my head, and I couldn’t think of anything else, so it just stuck.

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161/365 – Downs After Dark

I shot for Churchill again last night at Downs After Dark. Downs After Dark for those of you who don’t know is a pretty awesome event (or, rather, four events). for four Fridays during the summer Churchill Downs hosts night racing. Each night has a different theme, and they decorate it for the theme and people get all dressed up in “costumes”. It is basically a big party there with a DJ, crazy lights and some serious dancing going on.  I was able to be down on the track a little more this time so I tried to shoot a bunch there. Unfortunately I only had my 50mm lens and my camera is terrible in low light shots so they don’t look all that great, but I am pretty happy with some. I may post more with in the next few days.

This picture was taken for Churchill Downs and is not to be used in any way. Thanks!