68/365 – Nebraska

*Friday, August 5 – Nebraska

Friday morning we all got up and packed up the tents and such and headed out. We drove straight through (almost 17 hours), which got us home after 2:00am. Because of that I didn’t have many options for a picture (especially since I drove for a good chunk of the day). I figured it would be appropriate if I took a picture of a field and the open sky, since that is pretty much all we saw that day.

22/52 – Letting go of the world

This was from a week or so ago, and was taken after talking to my professor at some length about my project. We decided I just needed to get out and shoot like crazy without worrying about lighting or poses or anything, just shoot. I also kind of decided I wanted to try to stick to entirely perspective/leading shots, but we will see if that sticks.

And the bear. I am going to include one of each from now on, in the same post to keep things simple.