Fishing in Kansas

I could have sworn I already shared some of these images (since they are from this spring), but apparently they got lost in the shuffle.

Scott and I both really enjoy fishing, and this spring we went quite often. Unfortunately because of the heat, both of us fighting some long-lasting illnesses at the beginning of the summer, and our generally busy schedules we haven’t gone much lately. I also was pretty bad about actually shooting images with my camera (I got lazy and just used my phone most of the time) while we were out, despite bringing it along. But, here are the images that I did capture.

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Happy Sunday everyone!


The second part of my spring break involved a quick trip out to Denver, Colorado to visit my best friend, Blair, as well as my brother and his family who came down to visit. It was unfortunately cut short because of the storm that hit out there, but I still was able to have two solid days of spending time with some of my favorite people.

The first day out there Blair and I drove to Boulder to do some hiking. It was raining when we got there, but right when we started out hike it cleared up and left us with some awesome clouds.

595web 608web 628web boulderwebFriday (my second day there) I met up with my brother, his wife, and twin boys who were in town to see me. We spent most of the day at the aquarium in Denver. I didn’t shoot nearly as much as I expected, since I was more focused on just enjoying my time there with them, but I did get some images of jellyfish, which I have always wanted.

643web jelly(668)web jelly(672)web jelly(694)web

358/366 – Gustaf

I completely forgot to take a photograph yesterday, which you would think wouldn’t happen at this point in the project. And today I spent a good chunk of my day in studio reading for class, so I grabbed this shot of my other fish quick before leaving.

Also, lately I have been very aware of how different my mind functions being an artist. My friend and I picked out the color of the glass rocks because it would be the compliment of the color of the fish, and therefore make him look more blue; it is not a normal way of thinking.


348/366 – Sit

*Wednesday, January 9

Wednesday I had originally planned on heading back to Kansas, but then it was supposed to almost hit 60 degrees and I couldn’t resist staying. We took a long walk with the twins, with stops for caramel apples and popcorn along the way.

wine(224)web river(266)web2 water(245)web bridge(278)web fish(299)web creek(330)web couch(52)web

243/365 – Mishy!

**Catching up now that I have photoshop again…

Thursday, 9-9

Last fall I bought 3 fish for a project in my photography class. There was one named Susannah (after my friend, who was in the class), who was my favorite; one named Danielle (after another friend, who was also in the class), who was such a pretty blue, and my second favorite; and then there was Elliot (the orange one, named after my boyfriend, who was also in the class), who I didn’t like at all, and really didn’t care what happened to.  “Susannah” died a late last fall, not long after I had bought him; I was sad. Then Christmas break rolled around and I had to take the other two back to MN with me because no one would have been around to feed them. So, I put both bowls in the front passenger seat next to me, and drove 13 hours home with them. The beta fish (Danielle) did not survive the trip. She was crushed by the glass stones in her bowl. “Elliot” however, was completely fine, and then survived the 13 hour trip back to KY. So here was the fish that I would have preferred die (I am terrible, I know), and yet it had survived everything. Well, we bonded, and his name has since become Mishy (I misspoke while trying to say “fishy” and it just stuck). Somehow, Mishy has survived for a year that has included two 13 hour drives, and around 5 moves of shorter distances. It is by far the longest I have ever had a fish alive. And he is by far the most playful and interactive fish I have ever seen. He almost does tricks even, it is hilarious.

I was cleaning his bowl on Thursday, and knew I wanted to do something loosely related to him. I had an image similar to this one in my head for a while, so I figured I would try it out, and I am fairly happy with it. Not in love with it, and I will probably try again sometime, but I like it enough.

Sorry, long, unimportant story over.

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And just because I thought this one was funny…

14/52 – Fishy

I have had this idea in my head for the longest time, and finally was able to do it today, with the help of my friend Danielle. It was a hilarious shoot, always is with her.

I am pretty happy with how it came out too, although I wish I had even more vibrant blue makeup for it. Perhaps another time. Pretty much straight out of camera, just a small crop and some minor retouching to get rid of spots from my dirty sensor.