Burned Prairie

A few weeks ago I went out to the Konza Prairie with Scott for a hike. They happened to be in the process of burning that day, so on some portions of the hike we had to walk through fairly thick smoke. It didn’t make breathing all that fun, but it was pretty surreal and beautiful seeing the familiar landscape engulfed in smoke.

4415web 4418web 4426web 4431web 4435web 4440web 4448web 4459web 4466web 4470web 4473web 4483webHappy Monday, and Cinco de Mayo everyone!


347/365 – Winter Living

My brother and his wife worked hard to shovel off a rink on our pond for us to play some hockey on in the next few days since everyone is home. I went out there a bit later, and we carried down their fire pit, got a fire going, and then did some skating around. It was so wonderful!

More to come from this day as well, I took a lot of pictures. This probably (well, I know it wasn’t) the strongest or best photograph I took, but it summed up the day so nicely, and I just love how the fire looked, and so I decided to use this one as my main shot.

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