248/365 – Beaversaurus

**All caught up! Except for today’s, which won’t come until tonight after critique.

This is Elliot’s. It creeps me out. I can’t remember the story behind it exactly, but basically at the place he used to work at they would always find random things. A couple of summers ago they found the dinosaur, and had some fun with explosives with him. They then find the beaver, and decided to attach the head to the dinosaur. It is now at his apartment, and Elliot used to love putting the thing in random places in his apartment so that when I would come over I would always find it in a new spot and be creeped out. Luckily he has stopped that. But last night I was searching for something else to take a picture of and this popped into my head.

246/365 – Doodles

**Still catching up..

Sunday, 9-12

My sister gave this book to me a while back as a birthday present. It has become my “water-color pencil” book essentially because that is all I use in it. The paper is just so perfect for water-color pencils.

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