Konza Prairie

A few weeks ago (yes, I am just now finally getting around to sharing) I went for a quick hike in the Konza Prairie. I had apparently just missed the controlled burns there, and was struck by how bare this landscape now looked. Also, I am indeed aware that I am slightly obsessed with images of vanishing points, so that is mostly what I shot while there. The contrast between the untouched path and burned land around it fascinated me that day.

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321/365 – Gentle

I really could not decide which picture I should use for the day, so I am going to post the 2 that were also options along with the one that barely became the winner.

This one is very similar, I know, but I just couldn’t decide. I really don’t like that the sun is pretty much right in the center of this one, which is why it didn’t win.

And some footprints left in the snow by little creatures.