Rhubarb Eton Mess and Salmon with Herbs

I have been super busy lately and haven’t shared any of the images from my recipe challenge here, let alone anything else. So, it is time to catch up. First up, is the week one recipe I made. My sister and I had chosen rhubarb, so I made a Rhubarb Eton Mess (a traditional English dessert). Be sure to check out the full post here. Kari (the sister) made a rustic rhubarb tart that you can check out here.

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For week two we had decided on fresh herbs. I made a simple rosemary salmon on the grill, and it was delicious. My sister made an oregano pesto for her recipe.

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126/366 – Breakfast

*Friday, May 11
Friday we woke up extremely early to have our engagement pictures done at sunrise 🙂 We had some incredible lighting conditions so it was totally worth it.

Afterwards we went to a great little place in Lexington for an early birthday breakfast. Fresh fruit, bacon, and beignets. yum.

I unfortunately forgot my camera in the rush to get ready though, so I didn’t get any pictures. And the rest of the day was spent napping and meeting with friends for dinner, so I was stuck with this instagram picture yet again.

42/365 – Fresh

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358/365 – Bonsai

Elliot had a bonsai when he was younger, and had been wanting another one for a while, so I got him one for his birthday. It sure has had quite the life so far. Pixel decided he liked it, and the first day we had it he ate a few leaves and dug at the dirt a little. I thought that it would be safe on top of the microwave (which is on a microwave stand), but he jumped up there and somehow knocked it off, spilling the top layer of rocks and sand, loosening the tree up, and somehow managing to break his water bowl but not the planter during this process. In the couple of weeks after that the little tree lost almost all of it’s leaves and I was sure it was dying. Elliot however was convinced it was fine, and sure enough, there is tons of new growth! The sun was shinning this afternoon when I stopped over, and I figured it was a perfect time to get some pictures.

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