35/366 – Frost Snow

I spent the night at my sister’s house in Minneapolis last night, and when we woke up to go get breakfast we discovered it had snowed just a tiny bit over night. It was such a frost like snow and was really beautiful. Plus this winter has been such a lame winter that any bit of snow is exciting to me.

I wish I could start every morning with fresh snow.

19/366 – Frost

19/366 – Frost
Today was a horrible, horrible day. I was supposed to have a meeting for the first potential job opportunity I have had since I started looking, but my car wouldn’t start this morning because of the cold (30 below with the wind) so I had to call and cancel. Things just keep piling up and it is getting harder to stay positive these days.

One of the bright spots of my day despite everything: The stunning golden light this morning while I was getting ready. I’m glad I notice it before I discovered my car.