The more I photograph, the more I realize that I am drawn to very intimate spaces. Grand spaces generally don’t intrigue me nearly as much, at least in terms of my photography. I also have the tendency to be drawn back to the same space over and over, witnessing how it changes depending on the light or the passage of time. These images are random ones from the past month or so, of various spaces that you may have seen before, but perhaps under different conditions. Some are just brief moments that I photographed in an attempt to hold on to them in my mind; I found them significant in some way at the time, and wanted that moment to stick.

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And, meet Gwynn, who lives in my studio. The plant’s growth is explosive; these image were shot just a few weeks apart. I plan to keep documenting the growth, but it is slowly (or not so slowly) taking over my studio I think.


As a bit of a teaser for you all, I just returned from a trip to New York City, so images from that trip will be up in the (hopefully) near future. Also, more moments of light are on their way. Happy Monday everyone!

5/365 – Tiny Growth

This spring I was browsing scrolling through Craftgawker (such a fun site) and stumbled on the Etsy shop of TortoiseLovesDonkey (two links in one post! A first for me!). I immediately fell in love with almost everything in there, but especially the three tiny little terrariums. As soon as they arrived at my house I knew I would want to use them for photographs, but never got around to it for one reason or another. Unfortunately, one got mold on the leaves and has since shriveled up, and the second one just doesn’t look so good. The third one however has sprouted some new growth and is simply beautiful. And the light coming in the window where they sit was just perfect for a shot tonight, so here it is! I played around with the editing more than I usually do to, and I absolutely love it, I hope you enjoy!

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Well, I started growing grass once again this spring. I just love how much it brightens things up. Unfortunately, the grass seed I bought this time is not nearly as pretty or lush as the stuff from last year. It does grow faster though, it has only been up for 3 days or so and it already needed a cut.

More 365 “Outtakes”

As always, prints are available upon request.

Day 69 – 3/18/2010

Day 70 – 3/19/2010

Day 71 – 3/20/2010

Day 76 – 3/25/2010

Day 83 – 4/1/2010

Day 84 – 4/2/2010

Day 84 – 4/3/2010

Day 87 – 4/5/2010

Day 88 – 4/6/2010

Day 89 – 4/7/2010

Day 91 – 4/9/2010

Day 99 – 4/17/2010

Day 101 – 4/19/2010

365 Outtakes Round 1

I have been going through my 365 pictures to delete bad ones and find good ones that I never posted. It has been a difficult process for certain reasons, but, I am determined to get through it despite everything. I will be posting the pictures over multiple posts (I have only gone through the pictures for the first couple of months so far after all), so enjoy the ride! Oh, and I apologize if some have already been on here before, I can’t remember which pictures I posted to my blog and which ones I didn’t. I am going to try to check but I may have some overlap.

Day 7 – 1/15/10

Day 14 – 1/22/2010

Day 17 – 1/25/2010

Day 20 – 1/28/2010

Day 34 – 2/11/2010

Day 36 – 2/13/2010

Day 51 – 2/28/2010

Day 52 – 3/1/2010

Day 68 – 3/17/2010

358/365 – Bonsai

Elliot had a bonsai when he was younger, and had been wanting another one for a while, so I got him one for his birthday. It sure has had quite the life so far. Pixel decided he liked it, and the first day we had it he ate a few leaves and dug at the dirt a little. I thought that it would be safe on top of the microwave (which is on a microwave stand), but he jumped up there and somehow knocked it off, spilling the top layer of rocks and sand, loosening the tree up, and somehow managing to break his water bowl but not the planter during this process. In the couple of weeks after that the little tree lost almost all of it’s leaves and I was sure it was dying. Elliot however was convinced it was fine, and sure enough, there is tons of new growth! The sun was shinning this afternoon when I stopped over, and I figured it was a perfect time to get some pictures.

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245/365 – Finally, rain

**Still catching up…

Saturday, 9-11

We got rain for the first time in about a month or so on Saturday. We were (and still are) in desperate need of it. So of course my picture had to have something to do with the rain.

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