86/366 – Biker

My boyfriend is finally here visiting. After being apart for 4 months (and the last time I saw him I was dealing with dry sockets) it is so incredibly wonderful to be together again.
My 366 may be a bit lame this week since I will be spending it with him, so apologies in advance.

73/366 – Handprint

My internet became nonexistent when I went to upload my picture last night, and I was too exhausted to try to get it working, so here is yesterday’s picture.

I nanny for a 4 year old and 18 month old, so of course handprints are all over anything glass. The morning light was hitting this one and it caught my eye so I snapped of a few pictures while I waited for the boys to wake up.

36/366 – Dip

We made some cookie dough dip for the Superbowl today, but unfortunately I wasn’t feeling so great all day so I didn’t get to enjoy it (or any of the other amazing food that was there).

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and has a wonderful start to their week tomorrow!

87/365 – Show Off

I was out in my front yard laying on the grass taking pictures this evening, and kept getting looks like I was crazy, and even getting honked and hollered at in the process. I was about to head inside since I got ones that I really liked, when I saw this monarch butterfly sitting there. I just couldn’t pass it up, the lighting was perfect, and the butterfly didn’t move beyond opening and closing its wings.

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