199/366 – Crafting

199/366 - Crafting by aithom2
199/366 – Crafting, a photo by aithom2 on Flickr.

*Monday, July 23
Yesterday was insanely busy. After running a bunch of errands I went to my sister’s house to make potential wedding invite designs. I didn’t get home until late and was feeling way too lazy and tired to post.

57/365 – Drip Drop

I was going to do a self-portrait tonight, but got a little bit lazy in terms of my picture. I am leaving for Minnesota in the morning, and I have been running around like crazy trying to get everything packed and get the house ready for me to be gone for over 3 weeks.

Also, I have some exciting news! I entered a contest through Photographer’s Forum Magazine a bit ago. There were over 14,000 photographs submitted, and the top 11% were selected as finalists. Well, I got a letter in the mail today informing me that I am a finalist! That means that my photograph will be published in their hardcover book Best of Photography 2011. I also make it to the final round of judging as a finalist, and I will find out August 15th if I place or get honorable mention. Such an exciting bit of news before I go home!

And, please remember to go vote for my portfolio and tell everyone that you know! You can vote once a day. I so appreciate each and every vote I can get, thank you for the support!

310/365 – Holding On

**Wednesday, November 15

I couldn’t think of anything to take a picture of, so I said to Whitney, “can I take a picture of your hands?” She said sure, and suggested she hold her new candle, which I then suggested we put her candle in my bird-cage; such a group effort! It took forever to edit this picture, which is why it isn’t getting up until today. I worked on it for close to two hours last night, and still wasn’t happy with it, so I decided to leave it until today.

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306/365 – Soldering

Elliot occasionally gets to solder stuff at work. I have been wanting to see it basically since he started working, but whenever I am in there he never has anything to solder. Today however, I finally lucked out! So of course it had to be my 365.

And yes, I am aware I am a bit of a nerd.

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280/365 – Betting

**Catching up…

Saturday, October 16

Elliot’s wonderful cousin Hannah was in town from North Carolina this weekend, so as usual we headed to Keenland for the afternoon. For those of you who don’t know, Keenland is the horse track here in Lexington. It is a real pretty place, and tons of people go to spend the day there. People get there super early and tailgate and then go in and bet on the races, it is a blast. We had such perfect weather on Saturday, it was beautiful. And I actually won a little bit of money!

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194/365 – Bulletproof Veins

I don’t know where this idea came from. Elliot left his BB gun and BBs at my house, and they were sitting on my kitchen table, so I thought the BBs could look cool in a picture. While I was in the shower before taking this I thought of the title.

I got completely eaten alive while taking this shot. The mosquitos in my yard are insane. At one point I reached down to slap my calf, and killed 5 in that one slap, along with scaring another 3 away. It was gross, and needless to say I hurried as fast as I could to finish up.

21/52 – No need for rescue

I thought and thought and thought about a title, but all I could think of was lame, one word titles which I hated. So, for now, it is untitled.

I took this a bit go, it was for my self-portrait studio shoot. It doesn’t really work for my project any more though. I was still using lighting at this point, there was one Dyna light to the left of the camera, at around a 45 degree angle I believe (I cannot remember exactly).