29/365 – Lanterns

I hadn’t done any shots at night for quite a while (not once this project in fact) and had been craving one for some time now so I thought I would try using these lights for my picture tonight. I sort of wish that I would have started slightly earlier so that it was just a tiny bit brighter outside, but, over all I am really happy with how this turned out. Plus, it is completely straight out of the camera other than conversion to jpg and the addition of my logo! I love when that happens! And it also may have inspired a few other images using lights, which is exciting.

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315/365 – Making Wishes

**Saturday, November 20

Yesterday I was working on my printmaking project, which involved using paint markers on tracing paper. I was bored, and procrastinating other work, so I drew a star, and immediately got an idea for a picture. Originally, I was going to hang these in a different way, and I was going to do it outside. But, I had this wire out from teaching on Monday, and I got the idea to hang them using curled wire. It took me so long to finish it all that I didn’t have enough daylight to take the outside, or figure out where I could hang them. So, I decided to just try using the light over my kitchen table. This is by far the most effort I have put into a picture for a long, long time. And for the most part I am pretty happy with how it came out. It isn’t exactly what I had in mind, and I may at some point try my original idea, but for now, here are the stars.

Oh, and Whitney and I decided it looked kind of cool so it is going to be left on the light for now, haha.

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272/365 – I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

** Well, I am back to catching up. First, I lost my card reader for a night, which obviously prevented me from posting. Then I had purchased a new hard drive for my computer, and Elliot installed that along with some more RAM, which required reinstalling my operating system, which meant that all my programs were gone, including CS5. And Elliot and I have been pretty busy as of late (who am I kidding, we always are), and so last night was the first chance he had to reinstall CS5 for me. So I am finally able to catch up on all of my pictures (which for the first time in a while I am excited about so many days in a row!). Once again, to reduce the number of posts that I have, I will just upload the extra pictures I like right in each day.

Friday, October 8

The title was stuck in my head while I was taking these on Friday, and was still in my head while editing. It is a poem by Maya Angelo, a beautiful one in my opinion. I bought two of these little bird cages at Michael’s in the dollar section a couple of months ago, and have wanted to do this exact shot since I bought them. But, either I didn’t have time, or it was cloudy, or I got out of class when there was not enough day light (if any). So on Friday I decided that even though the sun was slightly higher than I would have liked, I was going to try to get the shot since the sun was out. I had to stand on a step-ladder in my front yard for some (I later moved to my backyard for a better tree/background), and I got lots of strange looks. It was also very, very tough to decide which would be my picture for the day.

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And the runner-ups:

141/365 – Floating

I had been wanting to do something hanging from trees from a while, so I am pretty happy that I was able to finally do it and that it turned out. I had such a tough time deciding which one, so there may be more posted later on.

Again, super stuck on a title. So, recommendations would be wonderful.

94/365 – Hang

I had to move a million (slight exaggeration..) 50 lbs and bigger bags for my ceramics class today. I was completely dead. And didn’t really want to take a picture, but I took some as I was walking out of studio. This has been hanging from the ceiling for a couple of days now. I have no clue what it is, but that is generally true of most things in the Reynolds building (my school’s studio).