203/365 – External Hard Drive

**Still catching up…

This was from Saturday, 7-31, which was such a long day. Elliot had to have his apartment completely cleaned and emptied by noon on that Saturday, so he woke me up at 7:30am to help out. Then of course I had to take pictures for my studio project and work on editing things. By the time Elliot got off work (around 10:00pm) I realized I still didn’t have a picture, but was too exhausted and lazy to do anything too exciting. I turned to look around me and my hard drive was sitting on the table next to me, and so I just took a few pictures while sitting there.

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139/365 – Broken

Elliot (my boyfriend) is a computer science major and works for a place that deals with laptops (selling, trading, buying, repairing) at the moment. So he has access to a ton of computer parts that no longer work and would just get thrown out. He likes to teach me about computers, and brought me this hard drive to look at a bit ago, and I kept it to take pictures of (because I am just as much of a nerd as he is). Well tonight he wanted to see what happened when he took a lighter too it. The answer to that question is nothing. At least at the moment. He then put some pressure on it just as he was walking away and it busted. So in case any of you were curious, hard drives can take serious amounts of heat, at least until they get pressure put on them.