105/365 – White

This is not my best splash picture, but it had been a while and I had some ideas I wanted to try out. I still need to perfect a few things before sharing those though, so for now, something a little plain and mundane. And I had no clue what to title it, the title is plain and mundane as well.

80/365 – Wash Over

Tonight was an interesting night. I had been craving a self-portrait, and so I texted my friend Danielle asking for help. Then, something terrible happened. Some of you may remember my Jumper sculpture from last summer. While I was moving chairs out of the kitchen so I could do some cleaning, I bumped a chair leg very lightly on the sculpture. Then, the metal pole broke off at the base, and my sculpture fell to the floor. I just stood and stared at it for a while, and didn’t look at the damage for quite a few minutes. It put me in quite a bad mood and for a while I thought about backing out on the self-portrait idea (that had already involved throwing water at me). But, I decided to just go on with it, and wow was it a hilarious shoot. Danielle nearly knocked me over with a couple throws, and made my contact literally pop off my eye in another.

Moral of the story, self-portraits are extremely therapeutic (at least for me). It was exactly what I needed after the disaster. This is just one of the reasons I do self-portraits on a regular basis.

79/365 – Reach!

I hadn’t done a high-speed image for a couple of weeks, so I decided tonight would be a good chance to do another one. I knew I wanted something different from my typical splash shots though, so I once again brought out the oil, and tried a new angle this time around. I have to admit it was scary at times with my camera hovering over the action.

52/365 – Aim

I had been wanting to do some high-speed for the past few days, specifically throwing some water. And while I was mowing today I noticed these stumps in my backyard that the utility guys left when they cut down a tree. My mind immediately went to this for some reason. It is definitely an idea that I plan to play with more, especially with more light than I had tonight.

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30/365 – Calla Lily Splash

There are tons more from this evening that I will be posting. And, I definitely want to play around with splashing in liquids other than water more.

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22/365 – Fluff

I don’t know why I titled this fluff. It was the first thing that popped into my head, and nothing else would, so I guess that is what I will go with.

I had done this idea with my roommate for my last 365, but ended up going with something else (the exploding egg for those of you who have followed me for a while) that we did the same night. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out as cool this time, I think because of the different glass container. Also, I managed to cut myself in two different spots, and was dripping blood absolutely everywhere. I will say though, that blood looks pretty awesome when it lands on a pile of flour. It immediately beads up and rolls around for a second, pretty cool in my opinion (although, I am a bit of a nerd).

And just for fun, here is my finger immediately after it was cut.

363/365 – Egg-splosion

Whitney and I have been wanting to shoot some things (for photos of course) for a long long time. I figured since my project is wrapping up it would be a good chance to squeeze something in, and I had some extremely old eggs that I thought could be good. Unfortunately not much happened when we shot them. It was slightly disappointing. And I only had three eggs, so I didn’t have many chances. However, because it didn’t do much we were able to take multiple shots of each egg. This was pretty much the only shot, out of quite a few, that did anything.

Oh, and it was snowing out, so that is what the white spots on the black are. And sorry for the cheesy title.

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