Long Overdue Film

I haven’t been doing such a great job of keeping this place updated lately. Graduate school has kept me busy that is for sure. But I am in a blogging mood tonight and decided to share some images with you all (some long overdue ones). I also have plans for a few more posts that I will hopefully be able to get to in the coming days to update you all on how my graduate work is coming.

This post, however, is all about film. I recently got some rolls developed, some of which I had forgotten about since shooting them years ago. The first set, was from a trip to North Carolina that I shot with some very expired film. If I remember correctly the expiration date was the year I was born (1989), so that is why the grain is so intense on these images. They were shot on a 35mm Holga camera.

5web 9web 16web 19webThis second group is from about a year ago. I went exploring an abandoned farm with a fellow photographer and shot these on my Pentax K100 I believe.

2web 9web 11web 14web 20web 22web 24webThese next images were shot this past spring on 120mm film with a standard Holga camera. Each image is from a different trip/mini adventure. The first and last are from two separate trips to Colorado, and the middle ones are from two different adventures outside of Manhattan, KS.

2web 4web 6web 7webLast spring I also took a cartridge of polaroids that I never shared for some reason. Some are from Manhattan, some from Scott’s parents’ farm, and some from a climbing trip to Colorado.

couch field clouds 2 field clouds hill shelf road1 shelf road2 shelf road3 cactusAnd lastly, one from Scott’s parents’ farm that I shot with 120mm film in a large format camera.



Happy weekend everyone!

Lately in Film


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I have been using my Holga (which is a cheap, plastic, toy film camera) a lot more recently, and though I have uploaded pictures to Flickr I haven’t shared any here. So I thought I would create a quick post … Continue reading

78/365 – Leafy

I had a few exposures left on a roll of film in my holga, and two other rolls that needed to be developed, so I grabbed some shots quick. There were some strange things going on with this roll that is for sure. This wasn’t supposed to be a double exposure, but a friend partially wound the camera accidentally so everything was doubled up. I really like how it turned out though! Plus I am excited to get into film a bit more and have more of these happy accidents.

8/52 – Holga

2 posts in one day, crazy. But, it is that point in the week…self portrait time. I bought my holga not even half a year ago. For those of you who don’t know, a holga is a super (and I do mean super) cheap film camera. It is classified as a toy camera. It has an all plastic body, and because of this it has lots of variability with light leaks and such. It also allows for lots and lots of modifications, which I haven’t yet had a chance to play with really. I love it, and would love to use it. But, film costs money. Lots, and lots of money. I miss film in general, and unfortunately it will likely be a long long time before I can get back into it. Hopefully one day though.