175/365 – Fireworks

In Lexington they light off fireworks on the third of July. Elliot, a coworker of his, and I drove went downtown to watch, but were late and so we just caught the end. They were pretty lame fireworks, they just fizzled out at the end; no grand finale at all.

I never realized how much fireworks remind me of home. It made me so homesick standing on a sidewalk downtown Lexington watching the fireworks. I should have been on a small beach on the St. Croix River  with a bonfire and all my friends watching fireworks on the third. I still had a good time, but goodness it made me anxious to get home.

148/365 – Caged In

It has been a rough couple of days for me. My class ends on Tuesday, and I have so much to do before that so I am fairly stressed. And I want more than anything to be back in MN for a little right now. It has been around 6.5 months since I have been home and seen my family and friends. It is taking its toll on me at the moment.

This is in my studio building, where I was for a while today.