303/365 – Paper writing setup

Today has been insanely busy, and I totally forgot/didn’t have time to take a picture until just now, at 1 am. I am currently writing a paper that is due tomorrow, and will be working on it for a while still, so this is all I could manage for a picture today. Lame, yes, but it is a real documentation of my life tonight.

173/365 – Homework.

Goodness I am behind on pictures. I have taken pictures every day, but have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to post them.

This was from Wednesday (6-30). I was running errands all day, and then played soccer for almost 4 hours. We got done playing around 9:00pm, and after I was dead. I was at Elliot’s house, and collapsed on his bed with no energy, but hadn’t taken a picture yet. He was sitting at his desk doing homework, and so I just laid there and took pictures for a few minutes. I’m not the biggest fan of this, but I don’t hate it, so there’s that.