The Farm

Shortly after Thanksgiving Scott and I went to visit his parents’ beautiful farm. We were only there for a night, but the light that evening was stunning; richly golden with a low haze in the distance.

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Also, to any Arabian horse fans out there, these beauties are for sale. Feel free to contact me for details.

Farm Life

A couple of weeks ago I went home with Scott (the boyfriend) to meet his parents for the first time. His parents have a big, beautiful farm in central Kansas, and even though we have been there a few times now I still haven’t even scratched the surface of what I would like to photograph there. Here is a small sampling of images that I shot over the past few visits.

They are surrounded by seemingly endless, gorgeous wheat fields. I have a small obsession with them I have realized. In the spring they are a stunning green, and then come summer they turn an amazingly rich gold. The texture is awesome for photographs, and watching as well as listening to a wheat field in the wind has to be one of the best things ever.

wheat(695)web wheat(718)web


ladybug(786)web wheat(818)web

They have lots of animals on their farm, though I haven’t photographed most of them. This cat is absolutely precious, though extremely sick. She has taken a liking to me, and the last time I was there did her best to follow me around as I was shooting.

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grass(831)web grass(886)web hay(869)web wood(901)web wood(904)web

Last weekend while we were there for a short visit I was able to shoot a self-portrait that I am quite excited about. I am currently in the process of editing that, and when I get it done I will post it here, so be sure to check back!

161/365 – Downs After Dark

I shot for Churchill again last night at Downs After Dark. Downs After Dark for those of you who don’t know is a pretty awesome event (or, rather, four events). for four Fridays during the summer Churchill Downs hosts night racing. Each night has a different theme, and they decorate it for the theme and people get all dressed up in “costumes”. It is basically a big party there with a DJ, crazy lights and some serious dancing going on.  I was able to be down on the track a little more this time so I tried to shoot a bunch there. Unfortunately I only had my 50mm lens and my camera is terrible in low light shots so they don’t look all that great, but I am pretty happy with some. I may post more with in the next few days.

This picture was taken for Churchill Downs and is not to be used in any way. Thanks!