347/366 – Bridal Veil Falls

*Monday, January 7

Monday morning my brother and I got up and went for a quick (relatively speaking) climb up Bridal Veil Falls. It was a bit easier than the ice climb on Sunday, so a bit more fun for me. It was quite the different situation than the day before though. This time my brother was belaying from the top, and when I got up there we were able to hike up the frozen stream bed for a while. It was absolutely beautiful up there, and I find myself already missing the canyon. I also got to clean an anchor and rappel for the first time after we were done, which was exciting (though admittedly slightly nerve-wracking at first). Again, this day calls for multiple photographs, so I hope you enjoy!


I thought I would share another of me in action.


The view right at the top of the falls.



And last but not least, my favorite shot from the day after rappelling down.

345/366 – Climbing

*Sunday, January 6

Sunday was an awesome day, and so it calls for multiple pictures. My brother, his friend and I got up early and headed to one of the ice climbing spots in Spearfish Canyon. It was my first time ice climbing, but I am hooked (unfortunately I live nowhere near a place to ice climb). After we all had a chance to get on the ice we packed up and went rock climbing just up the canyon a bit. It definitely reignited my desire to climb again. My school just finished a climbing wall in the rec center, so I plan on checking it out as soon as it is open.


Not taken by me (obviously), but I thought I would share one of me ice climbing.


My brother leading the climb.

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348/365 – Ice Tools

My oldest brother and his wife are in town, and I couldn’t be more excited! They both climb a lot, including ice climbing. Kyle (my brother) had heard of a spot not far from our house in MN where we could do some ice climbing. I was so excited because he was going to anchor me to the top so I could take pictures. But, we hiked out there and there wasn’t a single chunk of ice on the cliff. It was fairly disappointing, but we had a nice hike, and went back to the house to play some hockey. Plus, the rest of the day involved an excellent dinner with all of us, some playing of sporcle, and then going to see a Thelonious Monk tribute band in downtown St. Paul. It couldn’t have been better.

Oh, and these are my brother ice climbing tools for those who are curious.

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