341/365 – Coated

**Thursday, December 16

We had a bit of an ice storm Wednesday night and into Thursday. Everything was coated in ice, and it was so incredibly pretty. A pain to drive on, but I can put up with that. I will probably be uploading more pictures in the next few days from this as well.

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198/365 – Melting

It was so hot tonight, at least it felt like it as I took self-portraits, which involved 3 outfit changes. I got home and realized I didn’t take any 365 pictures while out, and since it was so hot some melting ice would be appropriate.

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101/365 – Sweet Tea

Today was just an absolutely miserable day, for such a long list of reasons that I wont get into. This was the only bright spot of my day, I had made some sweet tea in between classes and had a glass full that wouldn’t fit in the pitcher, so I poured it in a glass and decided to throw ice in it since Elliot found my remote for me. I like a ton of them, so expect to see more.

79/365 – Pour

This was from Saturday night (it was after midnight, so I am counting it as Sunday’s picture). Me and Elliot were sitting down to watch a movie, and he decided to have some bourbon and coke. He poured the bourbon, and him being the excellent boyfriend that he is told me to get my camera and take some pictures, and then started to pour the coke in. I never would have thought to shoot this, thank goodness I have him around.

58/365 – Injury

I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday, my schedule ended up being pretty busy, but here is Sunday’s post. I apologize that the comment about it is simply copied from Flickr, I don’t have a ton of time again today, and am pretty tired from lack of sleep last night.

I love getting my picture done while it is still light out. And I won’t be walking around much for the rest of the day so I figured this would be the best that I would get today. Artistic, not really; meaningful, nope; realistic and appropriate, yes. I was playing soccer and I guess got kicked or something? I’m not really sure what happened. But now I am sitting on my couch icing away, and hoping that I will be able to bend it soon.

51/365 – Caught

I am playing catch up because of my miserable weekend, and so this is from Sunday. I completely lived in studio this weekend. I was there from 4pm Saturday until 8am Sunday, and then 1pm Sunday until 5am Monday. It was terrible. When I left on Sunday morning to go home and sleep for a little, everything was coated in a thin layer of ice. It had been sort of misting, and freezing on everything, and then some snow on top of that. Despite desperately needing sleep after being in studio all night I decided since I didn’t take a picture on Saturday that I needed to take one Sunday, and the short walk I had from studio to my car would be my only chance. I ended up with a few shots I like, so I may upload so more this weekend when I hopefully get a breather from everything.