55/365 – Clouded

I did some more experimenting today, and loved the results. More to come later on!

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293/365 – Holding It All

Friday, October 19

I was at Target in the cleaning aisle the other day and caught these gel beads out of the corner of my eye. They are an air freshener thing. They come in a tub, and you take the cover off and as the fragrance is used up the gel beads shrink. As soon as I saw them I immediately got some photo ideas in my head. Plus, as Whitney and I found out, they feel so cool. We were playing with them for a bit before taking a picture, haha. I had a tough time deciding which one, so I may upload a few others later on.

And, I am taking title recommendations, because I couldn’t think of a good one.

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287/365 – Bottling Up Fall

Saturday, October 24

I am ready to not be sick. Especially after last night.

I thought of this idea while raking my front yard yesterday afternoon.

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243/365 – Mishy!

**Catching up now that I have photoshop again…

Thursday, 9-9

Last fall I bought 3 fish for a project in my photography class. There was one named Susannah (after my friend, who was in the class), who was my favorite; one named Danielle (after another friend, who was also in the class), who was such a pretty blue, and my second favorite; and then there was Elliot (the orange one, named after my boyfriend, who was also in the class), who I didn’t like at all, and really didn’t care what happened to.  “Susannah” died a late last fall, not long after I had bought him; I was sad. Then Christmas break rolled around and I had to take the other two back to MN with me because no one would have been around to feed them. So, I put both bowls in the front passenger seat next to me, and drove 13 hours home with them. The beta fish (Danielle) did not survive the trip. She was crushed by the glass stones in her bowl. “Elliot” however, was completely fine, and then survived the 13 hour trip back to KY. So here was the fish that I would have preferred die (I am terrible, I know), and yet it had survived everything. Well, we bonded, and his name has since become Mishy (I misspoke while trying to say “fishy” and it just stuck). Somehow, Mishy has survived for a year that has included two 13 hour drives, and around 5 moves of shorter distances. It is by far the longest I have ever had a fish alive. And he is by far the most playful and interactive fish I have ever seen. He almost does tricks even, it is hilarious.

I was cleaning his bowl on Thursday, and knew I wanted to do something loosely related to him. I had an image similar to this one in my head for a while, so I figured I would try it out, and I am fairly happy with it. Not in love with it, and I will probably try again sometime, but I like it enough.

Sorry, long, unimportant story over.

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And just because I thought this one was funny…

33/52 – Warmth

I took this while at home in MN, and out of 40 or so pictures, this is the only one that turned out pretty much. My camera was struggling with the whole autofocus thing, and my remote didn’t want to work all that well either. But, all that said, I really like this picture, I am so glad I had this one turn out. The jar is the same one that was used for my 365 (on day 221).

I thought and thought and thought on what I could title this, which is partly why I didn’t get it posted right away. This is pretty much all that I came up with that I didn’t hate.

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220/365 – Floating

This jar has been sitting on top of the kitchen cabinets at my parent’s house since before I can remember, but I just noticed it the other day. I knew I had to take a picture with it, and actually had a self-portrait idea in mind. I took some self-portraits with it tonight, but they didn’t work out so well I don’t think, but I have yet to go though them so we will see.

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179/365 – The Science of Time

Well, still catching up, this one  is from Wednesday (7-7). I “stole” this jar from Elliot’s work. I spotted it while visiting Elliot and decided I had to have it. One of his coworkers was keeping all the extra computer screws in it, so I poured them in a plastic cup and took the jar. I love it! I also loved a ton of pictures from this series, so I may upload a few more even though they will probably be repetitive.

Also, I feel like the title makes no sense. But I thought of it for another one of this series and couldn’t get it out of my head, and couldn’t seem to think of anything else. So it stuck.