256/365 – Things…

Time for another edition of “things around my house.” This whole “getting dark early” thing is making my 365 lame. I don’t get out of class until after dark, but it is still too bright for any pictures that I have in my head (or would like) before class. It is quite the dilema. So tonight I was telling Whitney (my roommate) that I was just going to take a picture of the thing I made in class (the bottle with the purple ribbon and “wings” coming off of it; i made it in my middle school art ed class), and she said, “you should just put a bunch of junk around it.” So she started piling a bunch of random stuff in the kitchen around it and told me it was like the Eye Spy books. So, I apologize; hopefully tomorrow you will get to see something interesting and fun for the first time in forever.

I am slowly getting through the wedding pictures though, so in the next few days I wil have a bunch of those!

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