345/365 – Frost Queen

Meet the wonderful Kathryn! When I lived in Minnesota Kathryn was always my model, and we did quite a lot with her. It had been a long long time since we had been able to do a shoot together, and so I knew I wanted to do something over break. I got home yesterday, and she heads out tomorrow, so today was our only chance to see each other. I had in idea in mind for what I wanted to do, unfortunately we ended up chatting for so long we lost all natural light. Luckily she has a pretty bright light on her back porch, so we used that for our shoot. I did her makeup (which is why it isn’t all that great, haha), and she was brave enough to be willing to stand outside in the snow in just a tank top. I may upload a few more later on, but for now, enjoy!

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{I forgot to add my logo, and then decided to change some of the tones, so I have re-uploaded the photograph}